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Coffee Beans Guatemala Red Bourbon


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General Informations:

Harvest: 2021

Country: Guatemala

Process: Nitro Lactic Maceration

Elevation: 1650-1850

Roasted In: Meraki Roastery

Notes: Red cherry, Pomello, Black Tea

Roasting level: Espresso – Filter


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ShareWell is excited to offer this incredible new Guatemalan bean from Concepcion Buena Vista Coffee Farm. Not far behind Honduras, Guatemala is the second leading coffee producer in Central America. In the region of Chimaltenango (village of San Martin Jilotepeque), the beans are grown 1650-1850 meters above sea level where temperatures are steady between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity is constantly high, and nutrient-rich volcanic soil creates an ideal environment for growing high-quality coffee.



There are several causes of defects in coffee, including defects from;
plantation, process, or roasting.

Defects during roasting mainly include; Under-roasted and over-roasted.

Under roasted causes, the coffee becomes flat, loses complexity, and lacks sweetness and character in the cup.

Over roasting causes coffee to have an ashy, smokey, and carbon or charcoal taste, that’s happened when the roast is too long with too high a temperature.
We really avoid the things above

We don’t want you to feel bored, our new arrival coffee from”Guatemala”,
nitro lactic process. already available in our shop.

Additional information

Roast Level

Espresso, Filter


250 Grams

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