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Time More Chestnut Slim Hand Grinder


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Time More Chestnut Slim Hand Grinder

Stainless  steel Hand Grinder

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  1. CNC Stainless Steel Burr | Five-axis CNC stainless steel conical burr hardness up to 55-58hrc, which can grind fast and evenly cut coffee beans.
  2. Dual bearings Fasten | Two ball bearings fix the central axis to ensure the fluency and concentricity of the burr set. This is the key to consistent grinding.
  3. Precise Coarseness Scale | Built-in adjustable patented grinding selector helps you get a different coarseness of coffee beans by rotating the gear in different directions from point to point, ensuring 100% precision control over the coarseness of your coffee beans.
  4. Aesthetic Presentation | Anybody Space Aluminum, a whole piece of Aluminum was cut precisely as the fuselage, extra slim body with a round walnut handle, classic and elegant.
  5. Ergonomic Design | the grinder body comes with a three-dimensional grip pattern with a walnut hand crank which offers a comfortable grip with better control of force for great anti-slip performance and effort saving.


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