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* Material: Stainless Steel

* Color: Black(as pictures show)

51mm: For Delonghi machines

53mm: For Bravil machine

58mm: For Lamarzocco, Slayer, Rocket, ECM, …..



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* You can put this coffee tamper on top and give it a few spins, it will distribute coffee grounds perfect and produce more consistent espresso extraction results.

* Evenly redistributes coffee grounds in a portafilter (not included) and providing a flatbed of grounds to tampon.

* Height is adjustable by the screw mechanism to suit different doses or baskets.

* Removable and adjustable height, provide much convenience in tamping coffee.

* Detachable design, more convenient to use and easy to clean.

* Great for tamping fresh ground espresso before brewing


All our prices include VAT

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51 mm, 53 mm, 58 mm

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