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Drip Kettle Lookyami


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* Power: 800 W

* Voltage: 220 ~ 50Hz

* Dimensions (PxLxT): 22 x 16 x 18 cm

* Capacity: 0.6L

*Colors: light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink


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Electric Drip Kettle LookYami is already equipped with a PID class temperature regulator, with this controller the water temperature can be set with precision, the water temperature will remain constant maintained, you just need to set the intended number, and let this kettle work until the water temperature the goal is achieved, this kettle will automatically keep the water temperature from falling and not rising.
Equipped with various preset buttons, and a clear display screen.
Please note :
This kettle can be washed but please note at the bottom of this kettle there is a conductor for electricity, don’t get wet, to save washing time only the first time the machine is used, after that it’s enough to be wiped, because this kettle is only suitable for use in cooking water, don’t add sugar or other liquid.

All our prices include VAT

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Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink

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