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Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder


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Detergent for coffee machines.

Eliminates the fatty residues of the coffee to achieve an efficient delivery.

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Instructions for use:

Daily cleaning of the group:

1. Pour 3g of powder (about 1/2 teaspoon) into the filter.

2. Pour water for about 10 seconds. Stop for 10 seconds and operate again. Repeat the operation 5 times.

3. Remove the filter and rinse under running water from the coffee maker.

4. Replace the filter and repeat the operation in point (2) without the Coffee Maker Cleaner.

5. Make sure there is no product residue in the coffee.

Regular cleaning of the filter holder and cups

1. In a container with about 1 liter of hot water, dissolve 6 g of powder (about the content of one teaspoon).

2. Dip the pieces and leave them in the solution for about 30 minutes;

3. Rinse abundantly.

All our prices include VAT

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500 gr, 900 gr

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