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Vesuvius Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


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The M&V Srl. Vesuvius espresso machine features a dual boiler, dual PID temperature controllers, pressure profiling and 7-day on/off programmability. The Vesuvius is a beautifully crafted machine, with its wooden accents and polished stainless panels


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aking its name from the famous stratovolcano that destroyed the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, the M&V Srl. Vesuvius is a pressure profiling, dual boiler espresso machine that redefines that home brewing experience. Pressure profiling is an advanced brewing feature found in commercial-grade equipment from companies including La Marzocco, Synesso, and Slayer Espresso. Equipped with dual stainless steel boilers, and FG304 Gear Pump, dot matrix touch screen controls, and multi-phase profiling, this machine offers unparalleled control over espresso extraction to the home user. It’s impossible to discuss the internals of this machine without first calling attention to the exterior. Wrapped entirely in mirror finished stainless steel, the Vesuvius is characterized by a clean aesthetic, tastefully complemented by wooden accents on the brew switch, portafilter, steam, and hot water levers. The machine stands on 1.0625″ tall legs and features 8.5″ D x 11.75″ W cup grid.

Under the hood, brewing is handled by an FG304 Gear Pump and dual stainless-steel boilers. The brew boiler holds 0.8 liters of water with a 1,000-watt heating element, while the steam boiler holds 1.5 liters of water and has a 1,400-watt element. The stainless steel construction helps the boilers to resist corrosion and each boiler can be controlled individually with the PID. Dual boilers help to ensure temperature stability and allow for simultaneous brewing and steaming. Both the steam and hot water wand feature no-burn insulation to prevent accidental burns and the Vesuvius has a commercial style 3-hole steam tip for frothing milk.

The Vesuvius’ pressure profiling capability can be attributed to the FG304 Gear Pump. This pump has a speed controllable motor unit that allows you to adjust brew pressure. You can program up to five different profiles that you can use while brewing. The profiles have seven phases each that can be set to a pressure between 2 and 12 bar and adjusted in 0.2 bar increments. If you happen to find a profile that works very well for an espresso you’re brewing, you can save it while still having four remaining profiles to program. You can also use the Gicar PID temperature controller to adjust and monitor brew temperature to your liking along with being able to program the temperature offset between the brew group and the brew boiler.


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