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Coffee Beans Geisha Ethiopian 200gr.


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Elevation: 1909-2053

Variety: Geisha 1931

Process: Natural

Notes: Bergamot Jasmin , Balance , papaya

Roasted In: Meraki Roastery

Grade: 90+

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The Farm


Our latest release from the Gesha Village estate is an exceptional lot of 1931 Gesha, grown on the area of the farm known as Narsh

a. Picked early this year, before undertaking a fully natural process, this lot has been expertly processed and sorted at the origin. The drying process lasts for approximately 16 days, after which the coffee can be milled and sorted before being vacuum packed for dispatch. This is our fourth release from Gesha Village this season, and we believe that this particular lot of a true gem.

Founded in 2011 by Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel, this 471-acre estate can be found roughly 20 kilometers away from the Wild Gori Forests of Gesha.




The History

Over the past seven years, Adam and Rachel have painstakingly developed a coffee farm growing the highest-quality Gesha, on the doorstep of its origin and we have been lucky enough to work with their coffee over the last few years, featuring several of their lots in our Membership Club, as well as working with their coffee in competitions.

The Gesha Village Estate has a relatively short but detailed history. Beginning with the seed selection, Adam and Rachel scrutinized wild forest samples to identify specific wild Gesha varieties to later cultivate. This care continued to nurturing the plants in their nursery phase, transplanting and planting them with care, and following best agronomical practices intending to them. As the nurseries developed, they later began to streamline their efforts, reducing the original six cultivated varieties to three.





The varieties

– Gori Forest Gesha. This original heirloom Gesha variety accounts for about 40 percent of the plants at Gesha Village. In the cup, it has notes of rose, strawberry, ripe red fruits, and blueberry. This variety replicates the genetic diversity within the Gori Gesha forest.

– Gesha 1931. This is a selection made from the diverse forest population that closely resembles Panamanian Geisha. This selection was made by looking at the plant morphology, bean shape, and size, as well as cup profile. Its cup profile contains notes of honeysuckle, ripe yellow fruits, and lime.

– Illubabor Forest 1974. About a third of Gesha Village is planted with this disease-resistant cultivar obtained from the research center in Ethiopia. Named after the 1974 expedition that brought back the selection, this cup has notes of spice, dried fruits, and chocolate. To obtain the highest quality, they then planted these trees at a moderate density of 2,000 trees per hectare, pairing them with more than 30,000 native shade trees to provide the proper balance of biodiversity and create a sustainable ecosystem for the coffee.

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1 KG, 250 Grams


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