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Coffee Beans Brazilian Catuai Rosa


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General Informations


Elevation: 1080-1270

Farm: Bravinhos Farm

Process: Natural

Roasted In: Meraki Roastery

Notes: Vanilla Sweetness. Full Body, Dried Fruits, Dark Chocolate

Recommend: Milk Base, Espresso


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The Farm

The farm was started by José Maria de Oliviera. As a boy, his grandfather had a small coffee farm in Campos Altos where his father and uncles used to work. José has many great memories of picking cherries beside his family and playing around the coffee trees with his grandfather. At the age of 7, José’s family fell on hard times and they had no choice but to move to another part of the region and leave their home and farm behind in order to survive by working on different coffee farms.

Jose moved to the city of Belo Horizonte and built a career there, but he could never stop thinking about Campos Altos. He made it his mission to one day have a piece of land in Campos Altos to live and grow coffee. He then moved home and fell in love with his wife Ebe, whose family history was identical to Josés. Ebe’s family comes from a deep lineage of coffee pickers as well.


Additional information


1 KG, 250 Grams

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